Control line flushing

JB Well Solutions offers Control line flushing  based on supercritical carbon dioxide (SCCO2) and allows flushing even very long and narrow pipes. With this ICOTA award winning technology, control lines and similar systems can be flushed pre-installation to achieve higher standards of cleanliness far beyond what has been achievable ever before

Supercritical CO2: the Perfect Solvent

What is supercritical CO2? Alongside the well-known aggregate states solid, liquid and gas there exists another one: the supercritical state. In order to transform a liquid into this state, the substance must be heated above its boiling point, and sufficient pressure must prevent its transition to the gaseous state. In the case of CO2: the temperature and the pressure of the carbon dioxide have to be greater than 31.1 °C and 73.8 bar, respectively.

Supercritical CO2 combines the best properties of a liquid and a gas:

  • Low viscosity (gas-like and ten times lower than water) >>> turbulent flow even in long pipes with small diameter.
  • High diffusivity (gas-like) >>>penetrates wax, corners, blockings.
  • No surface tension >>> excellent solvent.
  • Tunable density >>> higher or lower, depending on the application.
  • Non-toxic and environmentally sound.
  • Kills bacteria.
  • Cost-saving.
  • Field proven.

These extraordinary features make supercritical CO2 the ideal solvent. It has the same carrying capacity as oil, but a much lower viscosity than water. Applying the same pressure, with supercritical CO2 you can flush a pipe more than ten times longer compared to when using water or oil. Due to the turbulent flow and its great solvent effect, supercritical CO2 removes almost all wax and grease from the pipes, and kills the microbiological growth – leading to an unprecedented level of cleanliness and reliability of your system.

JB Well Solutions Ltd have signed an agreement with Ocean Team Fluidcare UK Ltd for the use of Ocean Team’s patented SCCO2 Technology for Onshore Flushing of Control-Lines, Chemical Injection Lines, & Umbilical’s (or just long narrow pipes) in the UK.

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SCCO2 flushing Unit
SCCO2 closed loop