Monitor your equipment assets smarter

December 22, 2017

For daily operational success, it is important to make quick and targeted decisions. The best foundation is to have complete knowledge of your fleet of equipment in a quick and accurate way. Reporting systems and diagnostic tools become more and more important to ensure operational targets is accomplished.

Smart Monitoring System™ (SMS) allows you direct access to the activity of your JB Well Solutions product – no matter where you are. With this system installed you can use your web browser to quickly get an overview of your fleet of equipment, operational status, geographic position, upcoming maintenance etc.

Smart Monitoring System™ provides an excellent foundation for making targeted operational decisions quickly and efficiently, improving performance and increase your profit margin by avoiding downtime through early fault identification.

Smart Monitoring System™ incorporates a telemetric system that stores selected information and then transmits it in real time or at predetermined intervals to a secured JB remote server via satellite network. The data can then be accessed via a secure Internet connection. The only thing you need is a computer, cell phone or tablet with Internet access.

  • Early fault identification, saves valuable service time.
  • Assists quick decisions on operational issues.
  • Prevention of damage, reducing downtime.
  • Quick identification of spares needed.
  • Increased equipment efficiency.
  • Enhanced transparency of equipment performance.
  • Stream positioning and status of equipment.
  • Solid foundation for optimum operational planning.
  • User-friendly and visual reporting.

Smart Monitoring System™ can be ordered as an option to new JB Well Solutions products or added to already delivered JB Well Solutions products. We provide a secure infrastructure and user administration via certified service providers.

JB Well Solutions integrates your equipment in the Digital Oilfield!