SCC02 Flushing Control Lines to Class NAS 3

June 9, 2020


JB Well Solutions are now operational with flushing of umbilical control lines for Customers with Supercritical C02 flushing to NAS Class 3 using the award-winning technology SCCO2 from Ocean Team Group.

Innovative method to clean umbilical’s and control lines.
The Supercritical CO2 flushing system (SCCO2) fits perfect for control lines and umbilical’s, because of the low-pressure drop over long distances, which can exceed 20 km, with a small inner diameter lower than ¼”. This means that turbulent flow can be maintained all the way thru, and a cleanness of AS 4059 Class 3 / ISO 4407 12/9 has made proof of concept in testing. However, it can also be fitted to other appliances.

Conventional flushing is a well-known method to clean to the inside of systems, and a turbulent flushing flow is mandatory for cleaning effectively. A challenge, when using conventional flushing fluid in systems like umbilical’s and control lines, is the ability to keep a turbulent flow all the way through.

It basically requires a pressure drop of more than 30,000 PSI. This kind of pressure drop exceeds the maximum test operational pressure, which most pipe systems are designed to withstand.

The Solution is Supercritical CO2
The reason of this cleanness and low-pressure drop is that Supercritical CO2 has the same carrying capacity as oil, but the viscosity is 10 times lower than water. This makes it a lot better than the conventional flushing systems that has a pressure drop of over 60.000 PSI over ¼” OD 13.000-meter Control-Line, were SCCO2 has a drop of below 3.000 PSI and maintains a Reynolds No. of approximately 20.000. To maintain a turbulent flow, you need a Reynolds number higher than 3000, and in long distances, this is not possible with conventional flushing. The state “supercritical” is a state that is not gas, and not fluid, but a state in between these two. This means that is has the same benefits as both of those two states.


  • Higher cleanliness & greater operational reliability of the system.
  • Method, friendly to the environment.
  • Simple, flexible and easy-to-operate equipment.

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