Handling Systems

JB Well Solutions  has in-depth knowledge about topside well intervention equipment for wireline and coiled tubing operations. We can provide solutions for safe and efficient operation.

  • Well Intervention Towers
  • Injector Handling Systems
  • Skid Bases
  • Control system and HPU’s for above handling systems

Well Intervention Tower are designed for safe and efficient rig up of the tower modules. All modules are equipped with guide system including guide pins on top of module, entering guide openings in bottom of next module being landed. When landed, the modules are being connected by wedge connections, avoiding time consuming installation and torqueing of bolt connections.

Due to the eccentric well centre in tower, well centres close to conflicting structures can be reached. This is a great benefit for SIMOPs operations, operating close to main derrick. Upper module facilitates work deck and foundation for the injector handling system. Top deck may optionally be equipped with crane for BHA handling to/from well and also for handling to work deck.

BOP deck is in the middle level of upper tower module. All modules have two work decks each, making it easy to access all riser elements and components rigged up inside the tower. Access to work decks is through stairs and decks included in tower modules. Towers can be rigged up in different height, dependent on number of modules in rig up.

JB Well Solutions Injector Handling System can be operated independent of tower or connected to the top deck. It is designed for maximum flexibility, with respect to minimum and maximum injector elevation. This is an important feature, while rigging up on wells offering a minimum of clearance between work deck and bottom of injector, at the same time as this flexibility offer possibility to adapt to different riser heights/lengths.

In addition to lifting off injector, the Injector Handling Systems offers function for skidding injector out of well centre, giving access for deploying BHA’s in stack. Injector table is equipped with swivel plate, for easy alignment of gooseneck towards reel. Injector can be turned manual, or optionally this swivel function can be hydraulic operated. Pad eyes underneath the injector table can be used for bringing BOP’s or other well control stack components to/from well centre. The frame can be open in well end, maximizing possible BHA lengths deployed to well.

As an alternative to working form deck, a modular work deck can be installed in the jacking frame. Optionally, this work deck can be adjustable according to break point in well control stack.

Well Intervention Tower and Injector Handling System are designed with hydraulic functions that can be powered by an existing hydraulic power unit in the equipment package, or it can be supplied with a purpose built electric or diesel driven HPU.